Arrol Adam Lecture - Prof Seabright
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7 Mar 19 6:00pm To 7:00pm

Arrol Adam Lecture: Prof Paul Seabright

Understanding religious organisations as competing platforms: what has happened to religion in the world since the Second World War?

Over the last 65 years there has been a large rise in the share of Muslims in the world population and a decline in the share of Christians, but the big story is not one about the former growing at the expense of the latter, since the movement in their relative shares reflects almost entirely the different demographics of the populations in which the two religions were more strongly implanted at the beginning of the postwar era. Instead, the story is about local and folk religions all over the world being replaced by organisations representing one of the two major global religious identities.

About Prof Paul Seabright

Prof Seabright teaches Economics at the Toulouse School of Economics and has lived in the centre of the city of Toulouse in France since 2000. He is Director (since September 2012) of the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST), and a member of the Institut d’Economie Industrielle.

He did undergraduate and doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, where he was a Fellow of All Souls College, then taught at the University of Cambridge where he was a Fellow of Churchill College. He has also held part-time teaching positions at the College of Europe in Bruges and at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

His current research lies in three areas of microeconomics: industrial organization and competition policy; the economics of networks and the digital society; and behavioral economics (especially the integration of evolutionary biology and anthropology with an understanding of the development of economic institutions in the very long run).

He is a Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, London, a Council Member of the European Economic Association, and a member of the Scientific Council of the think-tank BRUEGEL. He was formerly a member of the Economic Advisory Group on Competition Policy at DG-Competition of the European Commission. Since 2005 he has been an almost annual visitor at the Santa Fe Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Pia Spry-Marques, Communications Officer
Event date
7 Mar 19 6:00pm To 7:00pm