Debating Society: Meat is murder

Thu, 17/01/2019 - 19:30 to 21:00
Trust Room
Fitzwilliam College Debating Society: A student-led debate as to whether meat is murder.

The debate will feature 2 external speakers and 2 student speakers: 

- Joey Carbstrong: Meat IS murder ( Joey is a high-profile Vegan youtuber currently touring the UK. He has spoken extensively on this topic in a number of media appearances. 

- William Sitwell: Meat ISN'T murder. William Sitwell is ex-editor of Waitrose's Food Section. He was fired from this post over a controversial remark over veganism:

Both student speakers are to be confirmed.

If you're passionate about this topic and would like to speak either for or against the proposition, please feel free to get in contact with the Debate Society Page or Patrick Nutton directly.

Refreshments will be provided.