Event date
25 Jan 19 6:15pm To 7:30pm

FCMVS: Musical therapy and autism

Please note this event is now taking place in the TRUST ROOM, and not in the Gordon Cameron Lecture Theatre as previously advertised.

The Fitzwilliam College Medical and Veterinary Society's first talk of term will be less technical than usual, and should be accessible to anyone with an interest in music, psychology, medicine, science, in any combination.

Prof. Amelia Oldfield will be taking us through some light theory of using music as medicine, as well as showing excerpts from her new documentary, where children with autism spectrum disorder and their families were interviewed twice on their experiences with this therapy, 16 years apart. We'll be in the Trust Room for drinks and snacks from 18.15, with the talk starting promptly at 18.30.

We will be having a formal with the speaker after the talk, so if you would like to join us then please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/ayZbo7778kXknSRg1

You will, however, have to book on to formal as usual. If you are not from Fitz, please send us a message and we'll book you on!

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Trust Room
Contact name
Andrew Preston
Event date
25 Jan 19 6:15pm To 7:30pm