Event date
1 May 18 6:15pm

FCMVS - Personality and Pain: Dr Carrie Ijichi

Carrie gained her PhD at Queen's University, Belfast by studying how horses outwardly express negative feelings caused by poor welfare, and is now continuing her research by investigating how animals express pain differently, depending on their personality.

A UK expert on stress, stereotypies, and personality, this promises to be an interesting and informative talk from the 2017 winner of "I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here"!

Dealing with the neuroscience underpinning both human and animal personality, and how this will alter our interaction with patients, everyone with an interest in clinical practice or neurobiology will find something of interest in this talk.
Vets may be particularly interested in how personality affects the necessary dose of analgesic drugs, irrespective of the animal's behaviour, or owner's opinion!

As ever, nibbles and drinks will be provided before the start of the talk.

Gordon Cameron Lecture Theatre
Contact name
Andrew Preston
Event date
1 May 18 6:15pm