Event date
27 Feb 19 6:15pm To 7:30pm

History Society: Mass vaccination in China

Mary is an expert on global technology and medicine, and will be offering an interesting look at how people, technology, and the state can influence each other. In this case, she will be looking at how these institutions achieved mass vaccination in China, and how this fed back into wider society.

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Mary's description: "In the twentieth century, China underwent a series of social, demographic, and medical transformations. My forthcoming book examines the role of mass immunization in these processes, focusing on the people, materials, and systems that comprised vaccination against multiple infectious diseases and how they came together in the Second Sino-Japanese War.

It describes how researchers and physicians in China’s wartime southwest sought to establish large technological systems that immunized as many people as possible in urban and rural areas against a variety of diseases; the work of key figures who assumed prominent positions in the health administration of the new PRC; and the expansion of mass immunization programs to national scales after 1949.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) built on wartime foundations to create vaccination programs that not only eradicated smallpox within the country, but also contributed to the consolidation of state power and authority over individual lives and biologies. Mass immunization programs, and especially their success in smallpox eradication, thus helped make China an exemplar of primary health care at a crucial moment in global health policy."

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Gordon Cameron Lecture Theatre
Event date
27 Feb 19 6:15pm To 7:30pm