Event date
21 Oct 21 6:30pm To 7:45pm

Sustaining Motivation - A workshop with Sharath Jeevan

In this talk, Sharath Jeevan offers students, staff and Fellows alike a highly interactive workshop on reigniting our intrinsic inner drive.

After a pandemic in which homeworking led many to feel they were going through the motions, and in an era in which some people feel alienated from political decision-making, anxious about the climate, or believing in a binary world of winners and losers, Sharath proposes solutions to allow more lasting, sustainable fulfilment as students, workers and citizens.

To try and get us to see our lives in a new light, Sharath will use the concepts of:

  • Purpose (how we help others)
  • Autonomy - our ability to positively change things; and
  • Mastery, our sense of continually getting better.

Sharath will also draw on his new motivational book Intrinsic, which takes us on a journey around the world to find practical and inspirational answers in our motivational crisis, harnessing new research in psychology and economics to philosophy and behavioural science. 

With extensive entrepreneurial and leadership experience in UK, India, and Indonesia, Sharath Jeevan is the Founder of STiR Education, which works with 200,000 teachers, 35,000 schools, and seven million children in emerging economies. He is also the Executive Chairman of Intrinsic Labs, helping organisations solve deep motivational challenges. 

Event date
21 Oct 21 6:30pm To 7:45pm