Toy train with daisies

Fitzwilliam Virtual Gallery

Students and alumni have shown their creativity and created a wonderful online gallery. Explore a selection of the images below, and have a look at the whole selection on Flickr!

Bright Solace


Toby Widdicombe, Bright Solace (Potter Marsh 2020)

This started out as a photo of a rivulet in Potter Marsh near Anchorage in Alaska. Then I fed it through some photo software to come up with the attached. Right now with COVID-19 I have two helpmeets: nature and friends.

Toy train full of daisies

Alexander Massie, A toy train full of daisies

Quarantine had led me to rediscover old toys that I had as a child. I set up a train track in my garden and filled the wagon with daisies for this perfect photo.

Instagram: @alexandergmassie

My Garden


Michael Lee, My garden last summer, in watercolour

I read modern and medieval languages (French and Spanish) at Cambridge, and now reside in Spain, where I teach English, as a foreign language, to adults.



David Chantrey, Flow, digital photograph, 2018

David graduated from Fitz in 1989, and has always had a keen interest in photography. Strong, saturated colour, movement, and abstraction through the selection of small details are recurring themes in his pictures.
His work is regularly on show in galleries and public spaces, and features in many publications and private collections both in the UK and abroad.

Moments of Crisis


Samantha Thompson, Moments of Crisis, 2019, mixed media painting (oil, acrylic and metallic pen on wood)

Mont St Michel


Dick Johnson, Mont St Michel, watercolour

I began watercolour painting when I retired from teaching in 2000. I have had four exhibitions and much of my work has been based on travels in Europe and the UK.

Alum Garth I


Colin Pollock, Alum Garth I

My work explores how line, form, light and colour interact in the natural world - both the physical and human landscapes. I use thick watercolours for their unpredictability and acrylics for a more impressionistic structure to my painting.
Instagram: @doccolpol

Mountains around Rishikesh


Jon Barker, Mountains around Rishikesh, digital painting

After studying physics at Fitz, I am now a part time artist when not busy as a physics teacher. Travelling in India whilst on a year’s sabbatical from teaching, I ended up stuck in lockdown in Rishikesh. Luckily I had views like this and an iPad to paint them on!
Instagram: @jon_barker_art
Twitter: @JonBarkerArt



Oakem Kyne, Hare

Pen Drawings. I’ve had a sketch book on the go most of my life and enjoy experimenting with pen drawings.

Hare. Trying to create shape and form through simplistic hairs.

Instagram: @oakemkyne



Olivia Bonsall, Frida, mixed media, 2018

I am a third year modern and medieval languages student at Fitz, and I occasionally find the time to draw and paint to relax. Here are a few older pieces in varying mediums (acrylics, graphite pencil and charcoal, and oil pastels). 'Frida' was made using dried flowers and plants found around the Fitz gardens in Easter term 2018.

I am hoping to spend more time creating art, and have recently started this Instagram account to display my work: @liv.juliette

Fitzwilliam Gardens Michaelmas 2018


Elliot Harvie, Fitzwilliam College Gardens, Michaelmas 2015

Since leaving Fitzwilliam College (MPhil in History of Art and Architecture, 2016), I have been working as a designer in Queensland, Australia. My tiny drawing of the college gardens was made in an A5 sketchbook while waiting for orientation on my very first day at Fitzwilliam. 

Central Building

Sarah Beth Hsieh, Fitzwilliam, 2020

Instagram: @sarahbethhsieh

You can see a video of Sarah Beth painting this picture.

Fitz cafe

Cait Mack, Slow mornings, coffee, and impossible cryptic crowsswords, 2020

Freelance illustrator based in Bristol.

Ambience, nostalgia and curiosity are the foundations to my practice. I’m always searching for these sensations, and usually finding them in the mountains or around friends.