Chariots of Fire teams 2016

Chariots of Fire 2017

Fitzwilliam College students, staff and Fellows are once again running in the Chariots of Fire race, which this year takes place on 17 September. There are two teams: the Fitz Fliers and the Fitz Triers.


The teams are running in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK, a charity that funds pioneering research to create a world free from the fear, harm and heartbreak of dementia.

Please support our teams and enter your donations via our ‘Just Giving’ page!



Saeed Kayhanian (student)

Jason Rentfrow (Fellow)

David Cole (Fellow)

Jack Clarke (Catering)

Emily Lees (student)

Colin Doggett (Maintenance)



Rob Clarke (Catering Manager)

Junita Davies (Porter)

Magda Wright (Catering)

Helen Arnold (Chaplain)

Nicola Jones (Development Director)

Georgina Cannon (Fellow)


Top right photo: Last year’s Fitz Fliers and Triers teams

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Race details:

Sunday 17 September
The race officially starts 9.30am on Queens’ Green
Six people in each team (running relay)
Each person will run 1.7 miles (2.73km)


Chariots of Fire teams 2016
Other News
Fitzwilliam PhD student Humaira Chowdhury has been awarded the prestigious Royal Historical Society Marshal Fellowship.
Professor Vira is Head of the Department of Geography, Professor of Political Economy and a Fellow of Fitzwilliam College.
Last Friday, Fitzwilliam Geography student Rosie Rice was preparing to return to the UK after a month researching age-old eruptions in Tenerife. Instead, she ended up on the neighbouring island of La Palma, watching a volcano erupt in real time.