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First ever North America telephone campaign

This December, Fitzwilliam is shining the spotlight on its 747 alumni in the USA and Canada, with six student callers telephoning alumni from Anchorage to Palm Beach, Nova Scotia to San Diego.

Here at Fitzwilliam, we are proud of our international community and how the College can be a home away from home in Cambridge. We hold dear our connection with members across the Atlantic, who we know to be friendly and enthusiastic supporters. This is why we are so excited to be able to be focusing on alumni in the USA and Canada, giving updates about life at Fitzwilliam, saying thank you, and inviting people to demonstrate their support for the College.

Alumni gifts donated during telephone campaigns help today’s students in all sorts of ways, among which the invaluable Teaching Fund. The Teaching Fund is at the heart of Fitzwilliam’s work providing an outstanding education, because it helps provide supervisions and support Bye-Fellowships for bright young academics. The supervision system at the University of Cambridge is unique in how it encourages incredible academic development and extraordinary learning opportunities, but it is expensive. We firmly believe that it is a step ahead of a seminar system in its potential for personalised, challenging, and extraordinarily effective teaching.

As for the student callers? They are keen to hear stories from the students that went before them, gain useful careers tips, and do their part for the Fitzwilliam community. As Randeep, a previous caller says: “I thoroughly recommend that everyone gets involved with the campaign – it’s a great feeling supporting the College.” We look forward to speaking to everyone involved, and thank alumni in advance for their enthusiasm and generosity.

You can learn more about teaching at Fitzwilliam today and the North America Telephone Campaign, which takes place from December 8 to 13.


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