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Fitz at the Fringe 2019

Edinburgh Fringe has just been voted the top UK travel experience and 11 productions in this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival have a Fitz connection. Find out what's on, when and where with our #FitzattheFringe guide.

This year's Festival is taking place between 2 and 26 August. 


Undergraduate Iona MacPherson is playing keyboard in Rust at Edinburgh Fringe with Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society.

'When you leave here, everything else will be exactly the same. The only thing that’s changed is you.’ Based on personal experience, Rust follows Evie over the course of a month in a rehab centre as she starts to rebuild herself from rock bottom. The company behind SiX brings this moving and life-affirming original musical about addiction, mental health services and recovery.

theSpace @ Venue45 | 1.55pm | 16-17, 19-24 Aug | 1 hour | Suitability: 14+ (guideline)


Dmitry Bashtanov (Geography 2018) is sound designer for this original comedy-musical, also from Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society. 

Grab your Bag for Life, stick your pound-shaped keyrings into the trolley and step inside The Supermarket for a freshly baked musical treat. Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area is by Laurence T-Stannard and Cambridge Footlights Amaya Holman and Jamie Bisping. Get ready for an absurd hour of hilarious songs, heart-warming characters and some taste-the-difference hummus that is dangerously close to its expiry date. Expect chuckles. Expect brioche. Expect the unexpected (item in the bagging area).

Underbelly, Cowgate (Venue 61) ​| 3.45pm | 16-25 Aug | 1 hour | Suitability: 12+ (guideline)


Classics postgraduate Ben Kybett is producing Northanger Abbey at the French Institute, on behalf of Fireside Theatre, the production company founded by Ben and director Maddy Trepanier.

This fabulous adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel was written by Maddy, and premiered to critical acclaim in Selwyn Chapel in Michaelmas. 17-year-old Catherine lives a quiet life in the country with only Gothic novels for excitement. That is, until she receives an invitation from the Tilney family to join them at their home, Northanger Abbey. Enchanted by the estate's Gothic grandeur, Catherine finally feels as though she has fallen into one of her favourite novels, but soon discovers the pitfalls of confusing fact and fiction. A new and unconventional adaptation of Austen's hilarious classic. Featuring live music and performed at the elegant French Institute. 'It is impossible not to be charmed, gripped and thrilled' ***** (

French Institute (Venue 168) ​| 16:00 |  16-24 Aug | 1 hour 15 minutes | Suitability: 8+


Harry Balden (History 2017) and Rohan Sharma (Philosophy 2017) are in Meddlin’ Kids, a brand-new romp for all ages. Harry says: "Rohan is assistant director and also helped to write. I helped devise and am appearing onstage."

Meddlin’ Kids, the beloved kids show about four mystery-solving teens and their infamous dog, has run for 26 seasons. The gang are now grown-up and fed-up with the characters they’ve been playing for years… Join Frank (the leader), Darcy (the hottie), Veruca (the brains), Humpy (the hipster) and Robert Dubois (the dog) for one final crazy mystery to save to the day… and maybe even, the world? This brand-new romp for all ages by Cambridge Footlight Will Bicknell-Found promises to be ‘captivatingly creative, impressively energized and frankly just very, very funny‘ (Varsity).

Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14) ​| 11.15am | 16-26 Aug | 1 hour | Suitability: 8+


Alumna Holly Morgan (English 2004) stars in her comedy show Holly Morgan: Is a Witch. Get Her! 

Witches be trippin'. Witches be cray. Witches be just nice old ladies who live independently in a woodland retreat. Joined by her familiar, Tom the Cat, comedian Holly Morgan summons your favourite witches through song (stand up Stevie Nicks!) to put a hex on the patriarchy, one (barely researched) historical anecdote at a time. Witch? Please! 'A young Caitlin Moran' ****( Praise for previous work: **** (, 'Funny and poignant' **** (List), 'Seriously funny' **** (

Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14) ​| 10pm | 15-26 Aug | 1 hour | Suitability: 16+ (guideline)


Fitz students Rob Nicholas (BioNatSci 2016) and Craig Wallace both performed in the CUOS production of Il Signor Bruschino by Rossini. Rob said: "I played the part of Filiberto, a grumpy old innkeeper who shuts Signor Bruschino’s son in his attic for not paying his bills. Our performance got interrupted last week by the building getting struck by lightning!" 

ZOO at St Cuthbert's (Venue 122) | 2pm | til 10 Aug | 1 hour 10 minutes | Suitability: 5+


Odette Straw (Philosophy 2018) is currently co-directing Conversations With Myself by the Cambridge Mask Collective.

This is The Cambridge Mask Collective's first production at Edinburgh Fringe and is a reflection on the 50 years since the Stonewall Riots. Plunge into the depths of the mind in this innovative mask piece. Nicholas returns home from a long day on Wall Street. He tries to liberate himself from his unexplained anguish, but what ails him so? All options seem exhausted until Gino arrives, and convinces him to host a party. Nicholas changes to greet the guests, but those arriving are in fact the demons of his mind. One by one, they renew the crisis. Inebriated, the night spirals beyond his control. Hell is empty. The devils are here. ‘Threat... Mania... I was completely captivated’ **** (Tab).

C venues - C cubed (Venue 50) | 7.50pm | til 16 Aug | 1 hour | Suitability: 12+ (guideline)


Undergraduate Will Owen is in comedy sketch show It Takes Three to Tango with "frenemies" Amaya and Lottie.

Frenemies Amaya, Lottie and Will tried everything to get noticed, except the unimaginable: working together. Forced to accept that three heads are better than one, these Cambridge Footlights (and self-proclaimed third wheels) must unite in a tangy hour of sketch and character comedy. Watch as this three-person double act navigates a world obsessed with being the best and prove that three really can play at that game; that game being 'exquisitely written, genuinely funny and fiercely intelligent' ***** ( They're ready to kill three birds. With one giant shotgun.

Underbelly, Bristo Square - Fresian (Venue 302) | 2pm| 16-25 Aug | 1 hour | Suitability: 14+ (guideline)


Cerian Craske (English 2018) is playing One Armed Jack the pirate and Rodger the sailor in Piracy! Comedy On the High Cs. 

Hoist the mainsails and prepare for a thoroughly ridiculous adventure. Blackbeard meets Blackadder with villainous accents, absurdly catchy songs, disguises, intrepid damsels, captains in distress... wait, is that right? The pirates are determined to defeat the stuffy Royal Navy, find the lost Infanta of Spain and buckle every swash in sight. Meanwhile, hapless Captain Trumpeter and his bold (if slightly soprano) first officer are far more concerned about a visiting admiral and his beautiful daughter. Oh well, splice the mainbrace! 'An uproarious hour of nautical naughtiness' ( 'A real treat' (

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (Venue 53) | 12.10pm | 19-24 Aug | 1 hour | Suitability: 8+


Undergraduate Dmitry Bashtanov (Geography 2018) is also lighting designer for Cicada 3301 - a play about the human desire for purpose, community and the search for order in chaos.

Cicada 3301 is a play devised around one of the most mysterious, still unsolved Internet puzzles. When Cicada 3301 first appeared in January 2012 with a picture posted on Reddit, it immediately caught the fancy of many. This image started what was to become one of the Internet's most enduring puzzles; a scavenger hunt that has led competitors across the web, down old manuscripts to several physical locations around the globe and into uncharted areas of the darknet. 

Underbelly, Bristo Square - Fresian (Venue 302) | 12.40pm| 16-26 Aug | 1 hour | Suitability: 12+ (guideline)


Undergraduate Joe Folley (Philosophy 2018) plays Edgar in this retelling of Wuthering Heights. Since starting his degree Joe has performed in War of the Worlds, The Marriage of Figaro and Sweeney Todd. 

This new musical by Michael Bascom retells the story of Heathcliff and Cathy, two soul-bound lovers thwarted by family, society and God. The sun shines over the moors, but a storm of vengeance is brewing in this story of a passionate romance which transcends life – and death – itself. Described as 'a highly moving production, brilliantly depicting the tragedy and passion of Bronte's novel' (TCS), the show sees its Fringe debut after premiering last November to a critically acclaimed, sold-out run at the University of Cambridge. Emma Torrens plays Cathy and has been nominated for "Best voice at the Fringe".

theSpace @ Venue45 | 10.20pm | 19-24 Aug | 1 hour 15 minutes | Suitability: 8+


Alumna and Footlight Niamh Curran (Human, Social and Political Science 2015) tells her story, and ponders her future in comedy Niamh Curran: Leaves Belfast.

After four years in England Niamh is shook. She spent most of her uni days being asked about the IRA and ranting about politics. Going into the real world she is faced with the problem of staying or leaving. But she’s not liked in Belfast and she’s not liked in England, so come see her make inappropriate jokes.

Carnivore (Venue 180) | 11pm | til 24 Aug | 45 minutes | Suitability 18+

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