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Fitzwilliam College appoints Director of Communication & Engagement

Fitzwilliam College appoints Dr Nicola Jones to new role of Director of Communication and Engagement

Fitzwilliam College is pleased to announced that Dr Nicola Jones, a Fellow of the College has taken up the new post of Director of Communications and Engagement from 1st December.  In her new role, Nicola will build on the important work she has been undertaking in leading the College’s communications during the COVID-19 crisis.  The post will also encompass a broader engagement role with members of the College community and beyond, such as alumni.  In addition, Nicola will co-ordinate Fitzwilliam’s review of its strategic plan in the coming months.

As a result of Nicola’s appointment, the College will commence the recruitment of a new Director of Development.

Baroness Sally Morgan, Master commented: “As the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted, the way the College engages with the members and the broader community is vital.  The creation of this new post is in recognition of this. We are very fortunate that Nicola has agreed to take up this important and exciting role for the College."

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