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Fitzwilliam teaching arrangements for academic year 2020/2021

Fitzwilliam College would like to reassure all current students and offer-holders that high-quality, personalised teaching will be offered throughout the next academic year. The hallmark of a Cambridge education is our small-group teaching (supervisions, classes and seminars), which make up a large part of your course, and we will continue to provide this unique support throughout your degree. In recognition of the complex and changing public health landscape, the University has taken the decision to plan for all large-group teaching (lectures) to be delivered online. Postgraduates will be largely unaffected by these possible changes since most postgraduate teaching occurs in small groups or individually.

Your college is your home during your time at Cambridge, and we are working hard to put measures in place to keep you safe and connected next term. Pastoral support will continue to be provided by personal Tutors, and your academic work will be overseen by your Director of Studies, in the case of undergraduates, or by your supervisor if you are undertaking postgraduate work. Our College is spacious and well-equipped to support changes which may be required by social distancing. Extensive gardens, large social spaces and a location 10 minutes outside the centre of the city make this easier to manage. This term, over 100 students are resident in Fitzwilliam, and we are developing new ways to interact safely. Social interaction is absolutely key to the student experience, and we are working with the JCR and MCR committees (which represent the undergraduate and graduate student communities) to ensure that, whatever challenges social distancing may bring, we can help you to make the most of your time at Fitzwilliam.

Other News
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The Stay Safe Cambridge Uni webpage is where you will find information to help Cambridge students and staff minimise the risks to themselves and others from the COVID-19 pandemic.