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Music and dance event Mastana features Fitz undergraduates

Fitzwilliam College students are helping to organise and are performing at the largest Asian cultural show in East Anglia.

First year Mathematics undergraduate Mayuran Visakan (pictured below) is part of the finance team of Mastana – an arts event that is being held at the Guildhall in Cambridge on 29 February. 

Medical student Ramnik Uppal will be performing with Cambridge University Bhangra Society, which she set up just this year. 

She said: “Bhangra is a traditional Punjabi dance style and it has become really popular amongst young Punjabi people in Britain who have placed their own spin on it. Most other universities have bhangra societies and join national competitions. Cambridge hasn’t been part of that scene as far as I know and I always felt like I was missing out compared to my friends from home in Wolverhampton. 

“In my fourth year here at Fitz I made friends with another woman who has bhangra experience. She offered to teach classes if I could arrange a time and place and find people to attend. This year we have been having regular classes taught by a few other students with bhangra experience and we will be doing our first performance at Mastana. Hopefully our performance is the first step in sharing a vibrant and energetic part of my culture with others!” 

English undergraduate Anna Trowby (also pictured below) will also be performing a Barbara Streisand number at the event.

She said: “I went to a BAME open mic night when I first came to Fitzwilliam and went on to perform at the BAME Footlights Smoker. I’ve never been taught how to sing but I have quite an unusual range as I am an alto but can switch to soprano. The organiser of Mastana came up to me after my performance and asked if I would audition for the event.” 

Organisers hope to raise £1,000 to support the British Heart Foundation and the Mook Dhwani Trust, a school for deaf and blind children in India.

Tickets for the event are now on sale and all proceeds will go to these two charities.

Find out more on the Facebook page:


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