Hassan Raja
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Photo series focuses on the Pakistani men of Cambridge

Fitzwilliam undergraduate Hassan Raja has produced a series of online portraits of Pakistani men studying at University of Cambridge.

The first-year History student dreams of becoming an international photojournalist.

He created the series to highlight the achievements of each of the subjects, with the aim of redefining the image of Pakistani men in the media.

The portraits include a medic, an engineering student and the president of the Cambridge University Pakistan Society – all in front of Cambridge's many iconic buildings.

Hassan launched the inspiring project, called the Pakistani Men of Cambridge, last month on his website.

The 19-year-old said: “I’ve long felt like we, as a social group, suffer from wholly negative reporting and this is something I sought to change.

“By showcasing the academic talent of my peers, I sought to add another dimension to our profile in the media, a far more positive one.”

Hassan believes that the project has wider aims of redefining what it means it be a Pakistani man by elevating more positive role models for young Pakistanis to aspire to.

He explained: “I think it’s incredibly harmful for young Pakistanis to only see people that look like them on the news when the subject of reporting was criminal activity.

“By photographing young Pakistani men against the backdrop of the Cambridge colleges in which they reside, I hope to normalise the idea that we are capable of obtaining places at these institutions.”

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