Promotion for four Fellows

Four Fellows of Fitzwilliam College have been promoted, with effect from 1 October 2017.

Mrs Nicola Padfield (pictured, top right) becomes Professor of Criminal and Penal Justice in the Faculty of Law. Although she still teaches criminal law, criminal procedure and evidence, sentencing and criminal justice more generally, the focus of her recent research has been into the law and practice relating to release from, and recall to, prison, with a broad European lens. Nicky said: “This is obviously a very pleasing honour - I feel really privileged to have enjoyed the opportunities offered by the University, and Fitzwilliam College, over several decades."

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Dr Bhaskar Vira (pictured, top left) becomes Professor in Geography. His work examines the social, political and economic dimensions of natural resource management, and the relationship between natural ecosystems and human well-being. Bhaskar said: “I'm very honoured by this recognition by my peers - it has been such a privilege to work alongside such supportive colleagues over my time in Cambridge, and I am very grateful for the nurturing environment which allows students, staff and academics to achieve their potential.”

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Dr James Elliott (pictured, bottom right) becomes Professor in Materials Science and Metallurgy. His research interests include the science of pharmaceutical materials, polymeric membranes, nanotubes and composite materials. James said: “I'm very pleased to be recognized by the University for the research my group and I are carrying out in the Macromolecular Materials Laboratory (MML) on the prediction and production of new forms of soft matter. I hope that this will help to inspire the next generation of scientists at Fitzwilliam and beyond to enter this exciting and fast-developing field.”

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Dr Hilary Cremin (pictured, bottom left) becomes Reader in Education. She researches, publishes and teaches in the areas of conflict resolution in schools and communities and citizenship education. She has worked in the public, private and voluntary sector as a school teacher, educational consultant, project coordinator and academic. Hilary said: “I am delighted that research and publications about education and peace-building in schools, families and communities have been recognised in this way."

Positive Peace in Schools: Tackling Conflict and Creating a Culture of Peace in the Classroom (2017 Routledge) by Hilary Cremin and Terence Bevington (Routledge 2017), out now >>

Commenting on the promotions, Dr Sean Holly, Fitzwilliam College’s President, said: “Fitzwilliam College welcomes the promotion to personal Professorships of three of our Fellows who are so committed to the well-being of the College. Congratulations to Nicky Padfield, our Master, James Elliott, Director of Studies and Bhaskar Vira, Graduate Tutor. Congratulations also to Hilary Cremin, Bye-Fellow, for her promotion to a Readership.“


Other News
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Professor Vira is Head of the Department of Geography, Professor of Political Economy and a Fellow of Fitzwilliam College.
Last Friday, Fitzwilliam Geography student Rosie Rice was preparing to return to the UK after a month researching age-old eruptions in Tenerife. Instead, she ended up on the neighbouring island of La Palma, watching a volcano erupt in real time.