A selection from the Ready Steady Cook competition
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Recipes for success from Fitz JCR and MCR members during lockdown

Fitzwilliam College JCR and MCR members have been getting creative with their cooking during lockdown, drawing inspiration from their favourite foodie TV programmes.

Around 20 households took part in the Great Fitzish Bakeoff, featuring a Zoom bake-along and remote judging earlier in the month.

JCR Welfare Officer Tom Noden (Human, Social & Political Sciences 2019) said: “We had an expert panel made up of JCR President Andrew Salkeld and Co-Welfare Officer Beth Brown – aka Paul and Prue – who judged everyone's biscuits. A member of each household was asked to snap a biscuit in front of the camera, and then eat one. Each household was then given a score out of 10!

“B2 corridor were the well-deserved winners, they managed to produce 12 equally sized, evenly baked biscuits - an impressive feat in a College kitchen! Special mention to X block, who won the prize for the best outfit and Beth, who spent several hours dividing ingredients up and putting them into bags!”

Meanwhile the MCR also encouraged households to show off their gourmet culinary skills in a special Fitz version of Ready Steady Cook. 

MCR Social Secretary Juliet Martin (MPhil in Anthropocene Studies 2020) said: “Co-Social Secretary Jon Ostolaza and I dropped the same ingredients round to everyone’s accommodation at the same time. We wanted to let imaginations run free to create whatever dish they desired. 

“We had eight entries in total from household bubbles – they all received potatoes, spinach, mixed peppers, a tin of beans, a tin of tomatoes and grated cheddar. It was then up to each of the chefs to come up with a dish using those ingredients, plus any extras they wanted to add in.

“The different households then sent us pictures of the finished result and were judged on creativity and great presentation before they tucked in. The H Restaurant, from H corridor, won after an amazing menu comprising a hearty soup and extra crunchy spinach and bean fritters, and the runner up was a delicious ratatouille.

“Hopefully it was a good way for households to interact with each other during lockdown and strengthen their existing friendships.”

the residents of X block- winners of best dressed bakers
The residents of X block - winners of best dressed bakers...
The winning bake in the making
The winning bake in the making
B2 corridor in action
B2 corridor in action
The finished product
The finished product!


The winning menu from the Ready Steady Cook competition
The winning menu from the Ready Steady Cook competition
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