Students in the gardens
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Students celebrate record results

Fitzwilliam undergraduates achieved record results in their examinations this year, with 126 Firsts (and equivalent results), an increase of 12.5% from 2018.

Senior Tutor Paul Chirico said: “It’s great that so many of our students have achieved the very highest grades. We are very proud of the hard work and academic achievements of all our students, and it’s a pleasure to see results right across the College improving for the sixth consecutive year. 

“This year Fitzwilliam College is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Promoting access to higher education, and helping all our students to succeed, has been central to our identity since our foundation.

“We continue our tradition of supporting every student – whatever their background – in fulfilling their potential and taking advantage of the rich and varied opportunities offered here.”

Nine Fitzwilliam undergraduates won University Prizes and 13 students who achieved Firsts in each year of their course have been named Foundation Scholars.

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