Fitzwilliam freshmen
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Medical student Kaesi Opara is making rapid progress at Fitzwilliam College and will compete in the British Indoor Athletics Championships this weekend.
Deliveroo couriers will have 12 fewer students to visit at Fitzwilliam College after a cooking scheme featuring peer-led sessions and classes taught by a former professional chef.
Andrew Wordsworth leans on his experience at Fitzwilliam College on a daily basis in his role as chief executive and managing partner of Sustainable Ventures.
Being sent back to school, the death of a Spanish dictator, lonely in Madrid before stumbling upon an escape, and an enduring rugby and journalism career – it is worthy of a montage and Eddie Butler voiceover in itself.
Peter Pan and the Brain: Perspectives from Neuropsychology and the History of Medicine
Fitzwilliam College students are helping to organise and are performing at the largest Asian cultural show in East Anglia.
When he’s not monitoring seals from space, Fitzwilliam College PhD student Prem Gill is using ‘Seal Grime’ as one way to encourage people from a wide range of backgrounds to take up polar science. 
Migrant Knowledge, Early Modern and Beyond, took place at Kettle’s Yard and Fitzwilliam College.
Computer science and environmentalism might well appear to be an unlikely combination, but it’s something that Fitzwilliam College Fellow and Robert Sansom Professor of Computer Science Srinivasan Keshav believes goes hand in hand.
For the first time in 38 years, Fitzwilliam’s men’s rugby union side have won the College Division One title.
Bye-Fellow at Fitzwilliam College Dr Milena Ivanova has coedited a new book, published this month: The Aesthetics of Science: Beauty, Imagination and Understanding.
Classics undergraduate Emily Beck has set up Jack & Master, a brand new actor-musician ensemble based at Fitzwilliam College. Emily wan