Caolan during the Telephone Campaign
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North America Telephone Campaign

We held the first ever telephone campaign specifically for alumni in the USA and Canada from 8 December to 13 December, 2019.

In December 2019, we held our first ever North America Telephone Campaign. Fitzwilliam is proud to have over 750 alumni throughout the United States and Canada, and we are keen to strengthen our transatlantic connections.

The Master and the Telephone Campaign student callers
The Master with student callers for the North America and East Asia telephone campaigns.


The North America Telephone Campaign took place from 8 to 13 December, with a particular focus on the Teaching Fund. Find out more in our video.

If you have any questions, please check below or see the main Telephone Campaign webpage.

If you have been selected to be called in the Telephone Campaign, you will receive a letter or email around a fortnight before calling begins. If you would rather not be called, please email the Development Office.

The Campaign is raising money for the College's area of greatest need, meaning all gifts will have the most possible impact. There will be a particular focus on the Teaching Fund, helping to support the outstanding supervision system.

Calling, in the time zones of alumni called, will take place on evenings between 6pm and 9pm from Sunday 8 December until Friday 13 December. All calls are made by current students, and they are ringing from Fitzwilliam.

Our calling team is made up of six current Fitz students, all of whom enjoy a good conversation!

Caolan is a third-year geographer, as well as the President of Clubs and Societies for the College. He can often be spotted around May Ball time sporting a straw boater as part of Fitz Barbershop.


Folu is a second-year HSPS student. She will soon be doing a financial services internship near Atlanta, so is keen to learn more about life in the USA.


Joanna is a second-year geography student, who is a keen 'Delegoat' guide to visiting prospective Fitzwilliam students. If you think her voice sounds familiar, it might be because she is a regular presenter and Head of Speech for CAM FM, the University's radio service.


Kevin is a second-year historian, and helps run the Fitzwilliam History Society. He is also Co-President of the Fitzwilliam Debating Society, and thoroughly enjoys a good discussion.


Misbah is currently studying for an MPhil in Development Studies, having previously been an undergraduate at Fitz. When she is not studying, she works as the student union BME Campaign publicity officer, and the MCR Welfare Rep.