Dr Anna Watson

Department name
Faculty of Economics
College Lecturer (Type 2 CTO) (Economics)
Director of Studies (Economics)

Open-economy macroeconomics, monetary economics and international trade.

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Anna is a College Lecturer and the Director of Studies in Economics. Before coming to Cambridge, she worked for several years as an economist in the Monetary Policy Division at the National Bank of Poland. She also undertook internships at the Bank of England and in the European Central Bank. Anna holds an MSc in Quantitative Methods and Information Systems from the Warsaw School of Economics, an MSc in Economics from the University of Warwick and a PhD from the University of Cambridge.

Anna's principal research interests are in the areas of open-economy macroeconomics, monetary economics and international trade. Her recent work focuses on the impact of global economic integration on price rigidities and the effects of financial frictions on cyclical fluctuations in international trade.