Dr Ares Llop

Ares Llop Naya
Catalan Studies
Batista I Roca Fellow

The main focus of Dr Ares Llop Naya's research lies in microvariation and linguistic change of the Romance languages, especially Catalan and Pyrenean linguistic varieties. She has explored the mechanisms and acquisition processes underlying both diachronic linguistic change as well as the micro-synchronic variation of unexplored Romance negation systems.

She has extensive experience in higher education teaching and research, having held various academic positions including at the Universitat de Barcelona, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and at Cardiff University.

She is also interested in exploring how grammatical knowledge and theoretical insights can be transferred to the language classroom and foreign language textbooks. Her publications include articles on teaching Catalan and Spanish as a L1 and Foreign Language, as well as several L1 and Foreign Language Catalan language course books.