Dr Benedict Wiedemann

Department name
Faculty of History
Assistant Secretary to the Governing Body
Secretary to the Governing Body
Tutor for Graduate Students

High Medieval papacy; Medieval government and records; administrative and institutional history; ritual; kingship; palaeography

Benedict Wiedemann is a Research Fellow in Medieval History.

He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at University College London, and spent a year as a Doctoral Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, London.

Before coming to Cambridge, Benedict was briefly an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Kent.

Benedict’s doctoral research focused primarily on the Medieval papacy, attempting to answer the – obvious but complicated – question of how (papal) government functioned in the Middle Ages.

Benedict is currently working on two books: one on papal overlordship of kings, c.1000-1300, and the second on papal financial administration in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The latter project is intended to study that perennial issue: God or Mammon? What is the proper relationship between a Church and wealth?