Dr Benedict Wiedemann

Department name
Faculty of History
Assistant Secretary to the Governing Body
Tutor for Graduate Students

High Medieval papacy; Medieval government and records; administrative and institutional history; ritual; kingship; palaeography

Ben Wiedemann is a Fellow in History. He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at University College London, and spent a year as a Doctoral Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, London. Ben came to Fitzwilliam in 2018 as a Junior Research Fellow and in 2022 moved to become the Assistant Secretary to the Governing Body, the College Officer responsible for Governance. He is also the Secretary to the Governing Body, the Steward and a Tutor for Postgraduate Students.  

Ben’s research focuses primarily on the Medieval papacy. His first book – Papal Overlordship and European Princes, 1000-1270 – was published by Oxford University Press in 2022 and argued for seeing Medieval government as ‘petition-led’: primarily driven by external requests rather than by central policy. Ben is now working on the manuscripts of a text known as the Roman provincial, which attempted to outline the political geography of Medieval Europe in the form of lists of cities.