Dr John Cleaver

Electrical Engineering

John obtained his BA in Mechanical Sciences and Electrical Sciences as an undergraduate at Jesus College between 1966 and 1969, and continued in the Department of Engineering to study for a PhD, which he obtained in 1974.

He came to Fitzwilliam in 1971 as a Research Fellow.  He remained at Fitzwilliam, whilst undertaking research both in the Department of Engineering and in the Department of Physics.  From 1989 until his retirement from the Cavendish Laboratory in 2004, he held the post of Assistant Director of Research at the Microelectronics Research Centre.

Research interests

Novel microstructure fabrication processes and their application to the physics of advanced microelectronic devices and nanostructures.

Some publications

J.R.A. Cleaver (editor) (2004). Micro and Nano Engineering 2003.
Proceedings of the conference MNE 2003; Cambridge, September 2003, Elsevier
(also published as Microelectronic Engineering 73–74, June 2004).

J.R.A. Cleaver (2004). From the scanning electron microscope to nanolithography.
Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics 133, 485.

X. Xu, D.A. Williams and J.R.A. Cleaver (2003). Electrically-pumped single-photon sources in lateral p-i-n junctions. Appl. Phys. Lett., 85, 3238.

D.J. Weaver, J.R.A. Cleaver, L. Avery and H. Ahmed (2002). Substrate dopant imaging for layout reconstruction of integrated-circuit layers. Microelectronic Eng. 61–2, 1063.