Dr Sarah Kolopp

Department name
Faculty of Human, Social and Political Science (HSPS)
College Lecturer (Sociology)
Director of Studies (HSPS)

Sarah Kolopp is a political sociologist and an alumni from the French École normale supérieure. She’s lived, taught and researched in various places, including Paris (as a Teaching Fellow at Sciences Po Paris), New York (as a visiting fellow at NYU’s Institute for French Studies), Cambridge (at Clare College and Fitz) and…Miami (weird, but true).

Her work straddles different fields – sociology of elites, state theory, public policy and history of capitalism – and privileges qualitative and historical methods. She’s interested in how state power over the economy is exercised, legitimized and transformed over time, and in dynamics of hybridization of public and private interests. Her upcoming project will explore the transnational history of « conflict of interest » as a legal category, a moral issue and a public policy concern. She’s also published on methodological issues related to fieldwork in elite contexts.

At Fitz, Sarah supervises for various papers in sociology, including SOC1 'Introduction to Sociology' and SOC3 'Global Social Problems'.