Dr Yin Wu

Medical Sciences

I am currently a teaching Bye-Fellow in Medical and Veterinary Sciences at Fitzwilliam, having myself been a pupil here near the start of the millennium. I spent a memorable two years reading preclinical medicine under the able tutelage of Drs. Tony Edwards, Mark Arends and Robert Abayasekara before completing a Part II in Pathology under the exceptional Dr. Paul Digard. I subsequently applied to clinical medicine at Addenbrooke's but was deemed inadequate by the interview panel. As a result I moved to London and joined the UCL MBPhD Programme. I completed my PhD with Drs. Kenth Gustafsson and Paul Digard in viral immunology before rejoining clinical training. I am currently an Academic Clinical Fellow and on weekends I have the great pleasure of supervising Fitz medics and vets in Pathology (or "BOD" as it is now called).

Research Interests

Cancer is now one of the leading causes of death in developed countries. With an ever aging and hence cancer-prone population, the need to understand the biology of carcinogenesis is paramount if we are to prevent and treat this disease. Many tumours have been found to be highly infiltrated with lymphocytes and it is now becoming increasingly evident that the immune system plays an active role the development of cancer. In some cases this tumour immune infiltrate leads to tumour clearance while in others it promotes tumour growth. My current research in the labs of Professor Adrian Hayday (King's College London and Cancer Research UK) and Professor Andrew Tutt (Breakthrough Breast Cancer) aims to characterise the immune infiltrate of primary human breast cancers with a view to a) identify prognostic immune signatures for use in clinical practice and b) understand the cellular mechanisms responsible for tumour control or promotion c) to perturb these mechanisms with a view to development of novel cancer therapies.