Professor Bhaskar Vira

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Department of Geography
Director of Studies (Geography)
Graduate Tutor
Tutor for Graduate Students

Political economy, development studies and environmental studies, with a regional focus on South Asia

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My research interests cross disciplinary boundaries, and span the fields of political economy, development studies and environmental studies. My work examines the social, political and economic dimensions of natural resource management, and the relationship between natural ecosystems and human well-being. A particular focus is the changing context for development in contemporary India, and the ways in which marginal and vulnerable groups perceive and interact with the Indian state. I teach introductory environmental economics, development studies, political ecology and courses on contemporary India at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and support an active group of research students at the Department of Geography. I have a deep commitment to encouraging and supporting students from all backgrounds, in my dual roles as Director of Studies in Geography and as Graduate Tutor.


Undergraduate level teaching in the Department of Geography: environmental issues and the economy; development, globalisation and financial crises; the political economy of contemporary India. Postgraduate teaching: environmental economics; environment, society and development; the political economy of biodiversity conservation.

Selected recent publications

I have written extensively on natural resource management, ecosystem services, development and contemporary India. An up to date list of publications is accessible via my Department of Geography homepage. I am also involved in a number of initiatives that engage scholars with the public policy context, including working on the UK's National Ecosystem Assessment and the UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.