Professor Matthew Wingate

Department name
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)
College Lecturer (Mathematics)
Director of Studies (Mathematics)
JMA Senior President
Tutor for Undergraduates

Elementary particle physics, quarks and their interactions, lattice field theory

Department webpage

I am a theoretical physicist working in quantum physics. Primarily I investigate the properties of quarks, the constituents of protons, neutrons, and more exotic particles which exist for brief moments. Quark interactions are very strong, so despite having a good underlying theory, the Standard Model of particle physics, calculations relevant for making sense of some experimental measurements require substantial theoretical and computational effort. I try to combine computations on supercomputers with theoretical advances in order to help reveal hints of what might lie outside the Standard Model.

I joined Fitzwilliam College as a Fellow in 2007 and teach undergraduate mathematicians topics such as Differential Equations, Dynamics and Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and Statistical Physics.  I am involved with the Fitzwilliam College Amalgamated Sports Clubs and the Junior Members' Association.  I have run for Fitz in the Chariots of Fire relay race and the Turing Trail Relay.