Matriculation at Fitz

Incoming Postgraduates 2021-22

Once you know you are definitely coming to Fitzwilliam College, you will want to start making arrangements and find out what to expect when you arrive.

College Financial Information

The College form asks for further information about your source of funds. This is for College use only and will help us to invoice you correctly at the start of the first Term.  Please complete the form as soon as possible and before 1 September


You may apply for accommodation as soon as you have a University conditional offer and membership with Fitzwilliam. Rooms are allocated once the University offer is confirmed, so its best not to delay the application. Accommodation is not allocated to anyone who has not applied. Information and Application form.

Linen form

Linen may be hired by students living in College accommodation.  All single rooms have single sized beds.  It is not possible to hire linen for double beds in couples accommodation. Information and Application form.  For Michaelmas Term 2021, return the form by 26 September or 1 week  before your arrival date, whichever is the earlier.

Medical Information

The College Nurse will email all incoming students in mid/late September and ask them to complete an online medical questionnaire. 

University Student Registration Process

This is to ensure that the information the University holds on your record is correct. It is not a way of registering for, or applying for, a course of study. You must wait for an email from the Student Registry with details of how to log-in before attempting the process.  Once completed you will get access to your University email accounts. Its important that you do this before you arrive in Cambridge.  More information.

Fitzwilliam MCR  welcome booklet

This is prepared by the current students for you and will be posted in early August.  Please make sure the Mailing Address on your applicant portal is up to date.

Facebook group for incoming postgraduate students.

The Graduate Office and MCR Committee host a Facebook group which is optional for incoming postgraduates.  It provides additional information and helps new students to ‘meet each other’ before arrival. This will open in June and all applicants with College membership will be invited to join.  To find out more or request to join - contact the Graduate Office.

University Information

Information for all new students

The University International Student Guide provides practical pre-arrival and orientation information to help students coming from outside the UK plan their move to Cambridge.

University information services - Collect your Cambridge login, set up your @cam email and download free software.  

Cars in Cambridge

Students cannot keep cars in Cambridge without permission >>more information.

Storing your belongings

The College cannot take responsibility for your property before you arrive.  There is no storage available.  If you need to send belongings by post, please arrange for them to arrive at the same time as you do.


Please also see College guidance  on our dedicated Coronavirus page.


Arrival Dates - Michaelmas Term 2021
Michaelmas term 2021

The main arrival date for postgraduate students arriving to Fitzwilliam College accommodation is Sunday 26 September.  [Our standard room contracts for College accommodation actually start on 30th September - any earlier days will  be charged on a pro-rata daily rate.]. The MCR will start Welcome Week on 26th and events will continue throughout the following week.  This should give plenty of time to settle into Cambridge before courses start during the week beginning 4 October. 

Early arrival

Early arrival can be arranged for those whose course starts in September, or where they need to quarantine for 10 days after international travel.  Please discuss this with the Graduate Office before booking flights.  

A note about early arrival dates –if you arrive before 1 October, into privately rented accommodation, College couples flats or College single self-contained flats, its likely that the Cambridge City Council will charge Council Tax (local tax) for the period up to the start of your course.  Students are normally exempt from this local tax whilst studying, unless sharing with others who are not students.  >>more information about Council tax.

Term dates

The official start date of courses in Michaelmas Term is always 1 October. This date does not change year to year. However, the University 'Full Term' dates do vary and in 2021 the start of Full Term falls on 5 October. (term dates). 

All students are expected to be in Cambridge by this date, unless they have permission to arrive late.  Most departments will arrange their orientation from  5 October onwards.  Anyone self-isolating during this period should be able to join in online.


Lent and Easter term arrivals

If you start in the Lent Term (January) or the Easter Term (April), there will be fewer scheduled events.  Please contact the Graduate Office to discuss arrival dates.


Arrival time

College rooms are available from 2.00pm on the day of arrival.  All rooms keys are collected from the College Porters Lodge.

Out of hours arrival

The College Porters' Lodge (Reception) is open 24 hours a day. Overnight and evenings, the Duty Porter acts as a security officer, so may have to leave the Lodge from time to time and lock the front door. If the Lodge is locked when you arrive, please wait for the Duty Porter's return.

Travel Information

More information and how to find us.

Go to the Porters Lodge at the College main entrance on Storey’s Way.

Collect your Room Key

Collect your University Card

Find your pigeonhole - the welcome pack from the College Graduate Office will be in your pigeonhole

Meet the MCR - The MCR will have a welcome table in the Porters Lodge foyer on Sunday 26 September.  The MCR Freshers Committee will also be in touch with you about events they are planning.  

If you start your course in the Michaelmas term, there will be events you must attend and a few more which are optional.

If you start your course in January or April, there will be fewer scheduled events - please visit the Graduate Officer (L staircase) soon after you arrive in order to check matriculation and other details.

Things to do in your first week

The dates below apply to those arriving for the Michaelmas Term 2021. If you are arriving in January or April, there are few specific dates, but please complete everything as soon as possible.

Connect to the College network

College rooms have internet connections for your own computer, and there are computer facilities in the library. For help and instructions, visit our Computing section.

Complete the Student on-line Registration process 

This is an annual process which should be completed before 1 October. If you have not completed it before your arrival in Cambridge, it should be completed immediately. The process allows you to collect your University email address and passwords and to check the personal data that is held about you.

Visa and ID checks

Information on Visa and ID checks is still pending

Pay your College bill

This bill will be sent to you via email during the first week of Full Term. Payment of the Michaelmas Term 2021 bill is due by Wednesday 13 October. For more information, vist our College Bill page.

Open a bank account

If you are new to the UK, you may want to open a bank account. Many UK banks offer accounts tailored to the needs of students so it is best to speak to several and find out which is best for you.  The University International Students website has information on opening a bank account.

Student certification letters - The bank may ask for a letter from Fitzwilliam College confirming your student status.  Letters can be obtained from the Graduate Office with a few days’ notice.  Please use the letter request form.

Buy an academic gown

You will need a gown for the matriculation photo on 9 October - and for any Formal Hall dinners you attend, and for your graduation. The Graduate Union website explains which gown you will need and where to get it.. The two criteria for determining which gown you need are;

a) whether you hold a Cambridge University degree already

b) your age.

You can buy or hire second hand gowns from the Graduate Union, or from the outfitters shops Ede and Ravenscroft, or Ryder and Amies. Wherever you buy, it is recommended that you read the notes on which gown you need, included in the Graduate Union site. It will not be the gown of the degree you are about to study for!

Meet your tutor

The College has a team of Graduate Tutors. In the first week or two of term, you will have a chance to meet your assigned postgraduate Tutor (this may be in person or online). Your Tutor's name will be included in the 'Welcome Pack' in your pigeon hole and also on your University record (CamSIS) after the start of Term. Your Tutor assists with non-academic care and welfare issues while you’re at College. Your Tutor does not teach you – for teaching, your department will allocate a supervisor and/or course director.

Register with a local doctor

All students need to register with a local doctor, in order to access the NHS services.  The nearest practice to Fitzwilliam College is at 1 Huntingdon Road.  For 2021 they are taking on-line registration.  You can do this before you arrive.  There are also other Doctors practices elsewhere in Cambridge. Do this in your first week and don't leave for  later and risk having to registering quickly in an emergency situation. 

Find out about social events

The MCR Committee organizes a varied programme of events to bring the new graduate community together and to help them get to know Cambridge. Visit the MCR website.  

New postgraduate students should attend these events at the start of the Michaelmas term. The College MCR also distributes a term card of social events.

If you start your course in January or April, there will be fewer scheduled events - please visit the Graduate Office soon after you arrive in order to check matriculation and other details.

Friday 1  October 2021

Induction afternoon 
Lunch with the Postgrad Tutors  | 1.00pm | Upper Halls 

Buffet lunch (free of charge for incoming postgrads) with a chance to meet your College Postgrad Tutor and others in your 'Tutor Group' on an informal basis.  

Welcome talk  | 2.00pm | Auditorium

Introduction by the Graduate Tutors and other members of the College. All new postgraduate students should attend.   

Matriculation  ID checks | The Grove

ID checks follow the introduction meeting. All students should take their Passport or other photo ID to The Grove immediately after their Welcome talk. Matriculation is not valid without the ID check.

Matriculation is a very significant moment, at which you formally join the College.  In 2021 it is entirely online. If you have not previously been a student at the University of Cambridge, you must complete the process in order to matriculate. A link to the on-line process will be sent via email before the start of Term.

Tea and Biscuits | Grove Lawn

The Welcome talk will be immediately followed by Matriculation ID checks and cups of tea/coffee and biscuits on the Grove Lawn with the MCR Committee.

Postgraduate Weekend - Friday 8 and Saturday 9 October

Celebrate your membership of Fitzwilliam College - watch out for email updates on all of these events.

Postgraduate photo  | Saturday 9 October - 4.15pm | The Grove Lawn

A formal College photograph of all postgraduate students, marking your arrival and matriculation. You will be able to order a copy for yourself. Academic gowns are required.  Individual photos will be taken  followed by a group photo of the whole 2021 cohort.

Postgraduate  Talks Friday  8 October  | 6.00pm to 6.45pm | Auditorium
Postgraduate  Talks Saturday 9 October  | 5.30pm to 6.30pm | Auditorium

A series of short talks on their own research by some of our current PhD students. Participants will be advised which event to attend.

Matriculation Dinner - 8 and 9 October - 7.30pm

Marking your matriculation and welcoming you to the College, this important occasion helps to establish the intellectual and social exchanges which are central to this community and to our development within it. Academic gowns are required for all formal dinners.  This event requires booking.  Emails will be sent in September.

To allow for better (Covid) distancing, we are now running 2 dinners.  Participants will be advised which they should attend.

Pre-dinner drinks are at 7.00pm

Postgraduate Welcome Talk

College Life

New to Fitz? Or a current undergraduate or postgraduate student? Click here to find out more about funding, accommodation, pastoral supports - and the arts and sports, which flourish in the College's state-of-the-art facilities.

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