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Cambridge Application Webinars

Cambridge Application Webinars

From Monday 20 to Thursday 23 September 2021, Fitzwilliam College ran a series of webinars covering different aspects of the Cambridge application process. These sessions were designed to provide support to applicants in the run up to the UCAS deadline and beyond. Recordings of the 4 sessions can be found below.

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The Cambridge Application Process

Monday 20 September, 5-6pm: 'The Cambridge Application Process' - This presentation by our schools liaison officer covered what will happen after you've submitted your UCAS application, including key deadlines and information on what we're looking for at every step.

Last minute Personal Statement tips

Tuesday 21 September, 5-6pm: 'Last minute Personal Statement tips' - If you've not quite finished your personal statement yet, this second session by our SLO provides some advice to help you polish it off in time for the UCAS deadline. 


Wednesday 22 September, 5-6pm: – This session is a Q&A with our admissions tutors providing information and advice on the interview process.

Q&A with Admissions Tutors

Thursday 23 September, 5-6pm: 'Q&A with Admissions Tutors' – this general Q&A provided applicants the opportunity to ask any final questions they had about the application process, with our admissions tutors providing a range of general and subject-specific advice.

We are currently accepting bookings for our Cambridge application webinars!