Cambridge mathematics, famous world-wide (think of Newton, Ramanujan, Hawking), is highly challenging but also deeply rewarding. The Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, which sits alongside the new Centre for Mathematical Sciences, just south of Fitzwilliam, is enhancing the excellent international reputation of Cambridge Mathematics even further.

Number of students

We typically admit around seven or eight students each year.

The course

In the first year students study eight courses covering the full spectrum of mathematics, courses include Differential Equations, Group Theory, Probability, and Dynamics & Relativity. In their second year students continue to develop their mathematical skills and knowledge as well as undertaking a small piece of coursework. After studying the essentials in the first two years students enjoy a vast array of options in their third year, allowing specialisation in their chosen area. There is an optional 4th year known as Part III. There is also an option to take maths with physics in the first year. Students then choose whether to take maths or physics from the second year.

The benefits of the course at Fitzwilliam College

Fitzwilliam, based only five minutes from the Centre for Mathematical Sciences where many lectures are held, offers students a friendly, supportive environment in which to pursue their mathematical studies. With only seven or eight students per year no one is overlooked, and via maths dinners and garden parties students readily get to know students in other year groups as well as the College Fellows.


Typical A Level offer is A*A*A + STEP (1,1).

Typical IB offer is 40-42 points, with 776 at Higher Level + STEP (1,1).

Essential subjects: A Level/IB Higher Level Mathematics and A Level Further Mathematics.

Useful subjects: A Level/IB Higher Level Physics.

Flexible offer scheme: Depending on individual circumstances, we may make an A Level applicant an offer which will be met if they achieve either A*A*A with at least grade 1 in two STEP papers, or A*A*A* with at least grade 1 in one of the two STEP papers.

The admissions process

Students are given two interviews, both of which contain mathematical questions. 

Director of Studies

Dr Rachel Camina

Dr Matt Wingate (Part III Applied Mathematics)

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