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Psychological & Behavioural Sciences (PBS)

A broad and flexible course covering all aspects of psychology.

PBS at Cambridge

Psychology is very diverse and shares considerable overlap with disciplines such as anthropology, computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, sociology and many others. Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at Cambridge gives you the opportunity to study cognitive, social, developmental and biological psychology within the broader context of the behavioural sciences. The course covers, for example, cognitive psychology, psychopathology, language, brain mechanisms, gender, family relationships and influences, personality, and group social behaviour. Research projects and a dissertation also enable you to study in greater depth the topics that interest you most.


There are no specific subject required for this course, but A Level (or equivalent) science subjects and Mathematics are useful.

Typical offers would be A*AA at A Level, and 40-42 points with 776 at Higher Level in IB.

Applicants are also required to sit the Psychology and Behavioural Studies admissions written assessment, prior to being invited to interview.  More information can be found on the University website.

Director of Studies

Dr Jason Rentfrow

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