Psychological & Behavioural Sciences (PBS)

A broad and flexible course covering all aspects of psychology.

Number of students

We typically admit around three undergraduates each year.

The course

There are many branches of psychology. In the PBS course, you will have the opportunity to study a range of them. During the first two years, you will learn the fundamentals of psychology, with lectures covering the core areas in the field. In your third year, you will have the opportunity to specialise in a particular area. You will also carry out a substantive research project, which will enable you to explore topics that particularly interest you. Typical projects involve brain and language, gender, neuroscience, personality, autism, depression, ageing, social interaction, hearing, memory, and visual cognition. 

Another unique aspect of the course is the flexibility to pursue related disciplines, including Politics, Sociology, Archaeology, Biological and Social Anthropology, Philosophy, Natural Sciences, Economics, and Education. 

The benefits of studying PBS at Fitzwilliam College

The research and teaching provided by the two PBS course Fellows at Fitzwilliam cover the breadth of psychology. This provides students with easy access to people with knowledge and expertise in many different areas of the field. 

Entry requirements

There are no prerequisite subjects for PBS but Maths and Biology are both useful.

The typical A Level offer is A*AA. The typical IB offer is 40-42 points with 776 at Higher Level.

The admissions process

If invited to interview, applicants should expect at least two interviews lasting 20-30 minutes. 

Director of Studies

Dr Jason Rentfrow

More information

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