First Undergraduate statue, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

History of outreach at Fitzwilliam

Fitzwilliam has a long history of outreach work, going right back to its foundation in 1869. We were first founded as a non-collegiate institution under the name of ‘Fitzwilliam Hall’ for the purpose of allowing students to study at the University without paying the expensive fees required to be a member of a college.

Almost a century later, grants made it more affordable to study at the University of Cambridge, and non-collegiate institutions were no longer needed. In 1966 we became an official college of the University and took the name ‘Fitzwilliam College’ but we remain proud of our heritage, which prioritised academic ability over wealth.

To this day, we are dedicated to keeping the University accessible to students of all backgrounds and so we regularly organise events specifically for students attending state schools. The College is committed to providing resources and information to schools and colleges which do not have a history of sending students to Cambridge but which aspire to do so in the future. For this reason, Fitzwilliam College has a full-time Schools Liaison Officer (SLO). 

The SLO runs events to encourage students to progress to Higher Education, which provide up-to-date, accurate information about Cambridge to break down misconceptions about university life. They also offer advice to students on our admissions process, including personal statements and interviews. 

They can be contacted at