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Non-Stipendiary Research Fellowship

Applications are invited for a non-stipendiary Research Fellowship to commence on 1 October 2017 with a tenure of three years.

Applicants should:

(i) have completed a PhD or have a clear expectation of doing so prior to 1 October 2017

(ii) have completed no more than two years (f.t.e.) of postdoctoral research at the time of application

(iii) have secured full research funding (including salary) for three years from 1 October 2017, or have a clear expectation of such funding

(iv) have secured permission from a Department, Faculty, Institution, Laboratory or equivalent in the University of Cambridge for the use of any facilities necessary for the intended research

(v) have demonstrated to their funder their right to work in the UK.

Research may be in any subject area other than those (Archaeology, Anthropology and Sociology, Biology, English and Mathematics) in which another of the College’s Research Fellows is active.

The Fellowship is non-stipendiary. Rent-free single accommodation will be offered in College, with a charge to cover services; alternatively, an allowance, which is currently £3,285, will be paid if the Fellow is not resident in College, and study facilities made available. A Research Fellow is a full member of the Governing Body and is entitled to all meals at College expense when the kitchens are open. An annual allowance of £1000 is provided for use for academic purposes including the purchase of books and computing equipment, or attendance at conferences. Additional grants may be made to assist with certain approved research expenses which are not covered by departmental, faculty or other sources.

Further particulars and application process information can be found here >>

Deadline: Monday 24 April 2017