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The JCR & the MCR

The JCR (Junior Combination Room) and MCR (Middle Combination Room) are the student bodies that represent the undergraduate and postgraduate student bodies respectively. 

These student committees assist the college in providing a fun, supportive, and safe community for all Fitzwilliam students. As well as organising social events, the JCR and MCR committees provide peer-to-peer welfare support, academic enrichment and work directly with the college on matters such as the housing ballot, rent negotiations, and catering facilities. Student representatives from the two committees are present for the Unreserved Business at almost all College committees

Roles on these committees are elected each year, and are a great way to get more involved in college life, advocate for change where you think it's needed and to learn about how an institution runs.

The JCR and MCR have separate dedicated spaces for socialising and relaxing, in addition to the college-wide shared spaces. 

JCR and MCR also maintain their own websites and social media:

JCR Website - Instagram @fitzwilliamjcr

MCR Website - Instagram @fitzwilliam_mcr