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Nights out, nights in

Nightlife in College

In addition to the events organised by specific societies and music events, the Fitz student community organises range of social events throughout the year. Some events are run jointly by the JCR and MCR, others are specific to undergraduates or postgraduates. Lots of nighttime socials in College start with a Formal - dinner in Hall, often around a theme (costumes encouraged!). The Halloween Hall, Christmas Halls and Marriage Formal (when students pair up to look after their incoming Fresher 'children' the following year) are really popular events. 

Bops and ents - larger scale parties and club nights are organised by the JCR and MCR, with FitzUp, held in the Auditorium a firm fixture each term. With good facilities and lots of space, Fitz events are a popular choice. 

Nights out in Cambridge

Just like Fitz organises College events, all the other colleges organise their own nights. As you make friends across the city, you'll certainly want to try out a few other colleges' dinners and events. Some students even attempt to dine at every single Cambridge college during their degree...

Cambridge nightlife is a good mix of bars, pubs, music venues and is home to around three or four main nightclubs that students frequent. Specific nights at specific clubs are popular - Monday's is Lola's, Tuesday is Revolution or Glitterbomb, Wednesday is MASH, and Sunday is Life. Student reps help to promote, and often a large group of Fitz students will head out to a specific night.