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Statutes & Ordinances

On 28th July, 1966, a Charter of Incorporation was granted to Fitzwilliam House, Cambridge, under the name and style of ‘The Master, Fellows and Scholars of Fitzwilliam College in the University of Cambridge'. 

The Charter sets out the following approach to governance: 

"7. The government of the College shall be vested entirely in the Governing Body as defined in the Statutes of the College which shall subject to the provisions of this Our Charter and of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1923, have full power to make and when made to alter the Statutes of the College provided that no alteration of the Statutes shall have any force or effect if it be repugnant to the provisions of this Our Charter or to the provisions of such Statutes of the University as may from time to time be made to govern the relation of the Colleges to the University."

The College Statutes are, therefore, the foundation of our College governance and a bound copy is presented to each new Fellow upon their election to the Governing Body. They are a living document, periodically reviewed and discussed by the Governing Body, and the latest revision occurred in 2019.

To view and download a copy, click here.