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How to fund your studies?

When looking at funding your postgraduate studies, you will need to consider both the cost of tuition fees and covering your living costs. Once you have identified the course you would like to study, you will need to research the wide range of funding options available. Some sources may relate to your nationality, lots will be specific to your area of study, and some funds may support students from particular backgrounds. Securing funding is not always straightforward, and if you are applying to Fitzwilliam, we will support you as much as we can in the process. 

Your College Bill

For more detailed breakdown of the way College charges for tuition, rent and other costs, you can visit this page:

If you have concerns or questions, do contact the Admissions team on 

How can we help?

Fitz can support your application in two ways: firstly, we have dedicated postgraduate officers in our Student Services Hub who have significant experience in administrating the postgraduate application process. Once you decide to apply to Fitzwilliam, then you will be in contact with Suzy and Vicky, who can offer advice. They may also be able to put you directly in touch with Fitzwilliam postgraduates, either from the course you'd like to study, or perhaps who share your nationality or background.

Often the challenge in funding shorter courses such as MAs comes from the need to gather funding from multiple sources. The Fitz team have expertise in making the most of the funding you already have, and may be able to support you in finding match-funding from sources across the Cambridge network.

Secondly, Fitz has a range of competitive scholarships and support bursaries which may help to fund your course. 

10th Term PhD Funding

Fitzwilliam is able to provide up to £3,300 towards the living costs of PhD students whose original source of funding runs out at the end of their third year. This includes self and family funded students. Applications should be made towards the end of the ninth term of study. Funding applies for the tenth term.

Hardship support

All students are eligible to apply for Fitzwilliam College Maintenance Bursaries, which are designed to alleviate moments of specific hardship. Awards are made according to individual circumstances.

The application process will require you to explain why your original sources of finance is no longer available and to discuss this with your Graduate Tutor. Awards are made by the Tutorial Committee, to a maximum of £750 per year, but may typically be £250 or £500. 

In exceptional circumstances an award of £1000 can be made. If a postgraduate student has already received an award of £750 or less, and their circumstances remain difficult, they can also apply again within the same academic year.

Masters Studentships and Scholarships

Fitzwilliam has three fully-funded Masters Studentships, as well as range of scholarships to offer part-funding, for both Masters and PhDs.  Academic merit is the main criteria for all scholarships.