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Social Spaces

Colleges exist to provide facilities and spaces to support your life during your time at Cambridge. Fitz is modern and places the needs of the people who live and work here right at the centre of the design. We are always looking to the future and have a programme of continuous refurbishment to ensure that we keep up with our community's evolving needs and the latest environmental requirements.

Shared living space

Whether you are in the newly-redesigned A-F Freshers' accommodation, the modern Gatehouse staircases or the graduate houses on Huntingdon road, all students have access to shared kitchens and living spaces. Unlike most other colleges, we provide proper ovens and cooking facilities for all students - and it's up to you whether you choose to make use of them. 

Shared living spaces are important to help you make friends when you arrive, and, as your degree progresses and you get to choose who you live with, to develop strong bonds. 

JCR / MCR Spaces

Both undergraduates and postgraduates have dedicated spaces for social events, meetings, quiet study and relaxing, located on the main college site. 

The JCR (Junior Common Room) is a large ground-floor room located in the Central Building, and has a pool table, table football, sofas, board games and a large screen projector with Sky and other streaming options. 

The De Smith room is also located in the Central Building, and offers an alternative space for students - undergrad or postgrad - to study, meet, and work your way through your favourite games on the PS4. 

The MCR (Middle Combination Room) is a set of purpose-built spaces, in the Grove, for postgraduate students. With a kitchen, sound-system, several social rooms, a 'garden' room, large-screen tv and comfy sofas, as well as two group-working spaces, the MCR acts as a hub for our postgraduate community. 

The Cafe & the Bar

Located at the heart of the College, the Cafe and Bar is a popular space to socialise and work informally. With sofas, booths and plenty of power points - plus a regular supply of coffee - you might find that this is your preferred spot to draft an essay.

The Buttery

If you don't feel like cooking, or you want to meet friends for a meal, the Buttery offers affordable options every day of the week. You can always invite friends from other colleges to join you in the Buttery, so it makes a great way to organise food with a large group. If you want to enjoy something a bit more formal, there are regular Formal Halls during term, which take place a bit later - 7.30 - after the canteen service has finished.

Parties and 'ents' at Fitz

Both the JCR and MCR student committees organise small and large scale social events. At the smaller end of the scale, board game nights, gaming, and informal drinks often happen in the JCR and MCR spaces or around the Bar. On larger nights - such as FitzUP, special themed events or summer parties- students take over the Auditorium complex, the College lawns and fire up the BBQ. Every two years, Fitz students organise a Ball which makes use of the whole College site to host an overnight event with external catering, live music, fairground rides and entertainments.