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Study Spaces

For most students, study will start in your college room - or maybe at the table in your shared kitchen. All student rooms have a desk with internet connection and some space to store your books and work. For Freshers, rooms are relatively consistent in design, and your workspace will look roughly like the picture below. Once you move into later years, and have more flexibility in the rooms available, then the setup is much more varied and you can choose what you want to prioritise. 

The Library

The Library offers a wealth of resources and versatile spaces tailored to meet your study needs. While our shelves are stocked with a wide range of books, we also recognize the importance of digital resources which is why we provide extensive online access to complement our physical collection.

The Library is designed to offer a range of learning spaces with both quiet and non-quiet zones that support your studies. Each area of the library is equipped with plug sockets and adjustable lighting, ensuring you have the tools you need for productive work sessions. Whether you prefer a serene spot overlooking our beautiful gardens or a quiet nook for focused study, we have a space for you.

Our library is designed to accommodate both traditional and digital learning preferences, allowing you to seamlessly transition between printed books, online resources, and picturesque spaces. With reliable Wi-Fi available throughout the library, you have the flexibility to connect or disconnect as needed.

We also understand the importance of collaborative learning and relaxation and we provide three drop-in group project rooms, perfect for collaborative study sessions or creative brainstorming in a comfortable setting. And if you simply need a break and a space to relax, our newly-refurbished lounge area has inviting sofas, a curated wellbeing collection, and a growing fiction shelf to offer an alternative to the text books.

Subject-Specific Resources

For students studying Medicine we have a dedicated Medicine/Vet room for supervisions and studying accessible only to our Medicine/Vet Students.

Informal spaces and seminar rooms

Lots of students like to study in a more relaxed or sociable way and there are plenty of options around the college site to do this. The Cafe is regularly busy with individuals and groups on laptops - we have lots of plug sockets and wifi - and you can always break out to the JCR, MCR or De Smith room if you need a bit more space.

You are also able to book purpose-built seminar rooms in Gatehouse and Wilson Court, if you need to make use of a projector, video-conferencing or if you just need a bit more space for a group meeting.

In the warmer months, the college site is full of great spots to work outside, and unlike more central colleges, you won't have tourists walking around you as you revise...