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Funding your studies

Fitzwilliam is committed to the principle that no student should be deterred from studying at the college due to financial barriers. On this page you will find information on the cost of attending university, how you can fund this, and the support that is available if you need it.

If concerns about money are preventing you from applying please contact the Admissions team.

The cost of attending University is made up of two parts: your Tuition Fees and your Living Costs.

Tuition Fees

Your tuition fees depend on whether you are classed as a Home or Overseas student. This ‘fee status’ is determined by your nationality and country of ordinary residence three years preceding the beginning of the University course. It's really important to find this out as you plan for University, and if you are unsure of your fees status, see the UKCISA website for further details.

 Tuition fees are also made up of two parts: University fees and College fees. At Cambridge, the 2023-24 University tuition fee for Home students starting their first undergraduate degree will be £9,250. College tuition fees for Home students are usually paid by the government, unless you are applying for a second degree, but Overseas students must pay this additional fee. In 2023-24, this fee will be £11,229.

Here is a detailed list of which students pay a College Fee:

The following students do not pay the College fee.

  • Home undergraduate students, who are eligible for public finance / have assessments from the appropriate Student Finance Agency
  • Home PGCE students who are eligible for public finance /have assessments from the appropriate Student Finance Agency.
  • MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design
  • Master of Architecture (MArch)

The following students must pay the College fee themselves, or via a private sponsor: 

  • Overseas students
  • Home ELQ students
  • MASt students
  • Students not registering for a full degree
  • Others who are ineligible

Living Costs

Living costs at Cambridge compare quite favourably with other universities. Partly this is because our terms are shorter (so you are not required to pay rent for a full year) but also because there are lots of funding opportunities specific to the University of Cambridge to help with the cost of living and/or times of financial crisis. At Fitzwilliam we also have our own funding support, and last year the College made grants of over £1m to the student body.


This is perhaps the greatest financial commitment among all your living expenses. At Fitzwilliam, as an undergraduate, you will only have to pay rent for the time you are in residence here. You will not pay rent if you are not in residence during times such as the Christmas or Summer vacations. Therefore the rates for accommodation are less than you would have to pay commercially where you might pay for an entire 12-month period. We guarantee you College accommodation for the full duration of your undergraduate course.

In 2023-24, first-year undergraduate room rents range between £157.50-202/week. Rents are calculated according to factors such as room location and size. To have a look at the types of rooms available - including accessible rooms - click through to the Facilities page.


Fitz is unusual in that we provide ovens and proper hobs for all student kitchens. So whether you want to make your own, cook with friends, or buy all your meals from the Buttery, you can manage your costs to fit your budget. You can see more about Food & Drink prices here. The College is 10 mins walk from ALDI (Histon Road) and 15 mins walk from Sainsbury's (Eddington).  

Study Materials

Every College and Faculty has its own library, and students also have free access to online academic journals via the University. Therefore, most students will not have to pay for their own course books.


Fitzwilliam is within easy walking or cycling distance from most other University buildings. Therefore transport costs within the city are very low.

Your College Bill

For more detailed breakdown of the way College charges for tuition, rent and other costs, you can visit this page:

If you have concerns or questions, do contact the Admissions team on 

How do I pay for this?

Government Financial Support

The primary source of funding for most students will be a loan to cover part or all of your costs. Home students usually apply for a fee loan from the Student Finance agencies. Overseas students may have a scholarship or decide to pay the fee privately. The University of Cambridge website provides information on Student Finance Agency loans and other scholarships.

University Financial Support and Awards

The Cambridge Bursary Scheme offers support to all eligible Home fee status students studying for their first undergraduate degree. The bursary consists of a non-repayable grant to help with living costs and are offered in addition to any government financial support you might receive.

The value of each bursary is dependent on your household income. Bursaries of up to £3,500 per year will be given to students with a household income of up to £62,215. The amount you are eligible for is tapered, so that those with a lower household income receive more. You will be automatically considered for a Cambridge Bursary if you are financially assessed by your student finance authority, so you don't need to apply separately.

Additional awards of up to £2,100 are available to all students who are classed as independent by their regional funding body. There is also an Educational Premium of £1,000 per year, offered in addition to the Cambridge Bursary to students who have been eligible for free school meals (or equivalent status for mature students).

See the Cambridge Bursary Scheme website for more information.

The University also offers a range of scholarships to UK students from underrepresented groups. More information is available here.

Fitzwilliam Financial Support and Awards

The College offers a range of funding opportunities for all students. Some awards are made on the basis of financial need (and may be means-tested), while other funds are open to all students at Fitz, to support travel, music, special projects or the purchase of academic resources. 

Fitzwilliam College Chinese Undergraduate Scholarships

Fitzwilliam College will offer up to three Scholarships of £10,000 per year, tenable for up to four years, to undergraduate students of Chinese nationality, educated within the mainland People's Republic of China, who are demonstrably from disadvantaged financial backgrounds. These will be allocated on the basis of academic merit to students who have received an offer of admission.

Eligible offer holders are asked to indicate by 5 March whether they wish to be considered for this Scholarship.

Further information and how to apply.

Application form.

ST Telemedia – Lee Kuan Yew Undergraduate Scholarship

Fitzwilliam College will offer an ST Telemedia - Lee Kuan Yew Undergraduate Scholarship to a student who has received an offer to study on an undergraduate degree course at Fitzwilliam College commencing in October. The Scholarship, which may be held for up to four years, will cover all tuition fees and a living and travel allowance for a student who is a Singapore citizen from a financially disadvantaged background, or who has been affected by disability, bereavement or other challenging circumstances.

Eligible offer holders who wish to be considered for this scholarship are asked to submit an application form by 5 March, including a statement explaining their eligibility, and to ask one referee (normally your head teacher) to submit a supporting reference by the same date.

Further information and how to apply.

Application form.