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Being yourself at Fitz

Living away from home alongside the challenge of a busy course and navigating relationships can sometimes be difficult to manage. At Fitz we take physical and mental wellbeing seriously and there is a support network in place to help you with academic and personal problems.

All students are invited to participate in activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing - whether that be managing stress, learning new skills, or taking time for self-reflection. We are a supportive and friendly community, and this is reflected in our regular social events and opportunities to come together. 

In addition to a supportive social community, there are a range of options and services available to support you, both throughout your time at College, and in moments of potential crisis.

Your Tutor

Your Tutor is your representative in College and in the University, and they take an interest in your wellbeing and your academic progress. They can offer support and advice on any matter - academic, social, financial, medical or personal.

Your Tutor's key roles include:
  • ‚ÄčAdvising on academic issues, work/life balance etc.
  • Helping you negotiate all aspects of College and University Administration
  • Offering support if you face personal difficulties, such as homesickness, bereavement or relationship trouble.
  • Supporting you in extracurricular activities and advising on applications for travel grants and funds.
  • Supporting you in applications for maintenance bursaries and other funding and advising on financial problems.
  • Acting as a referee in job applications (for postgraduate students the course director or supervisor will usually be the most appropriate person to ask) .
  • Representing your interests if you get into trouble with the College, University, or Police.
  • Supporting you (and if necessary liaising with your Director of Studies, your Department or the University) should you be taken ill.
  • Offering advice if you are considering changing subjects.

You will be allocated a Tutor on arrival at Fitz but if you prefer to discuss a particular matter with any other Tutor, you are also welcome to contact them.

Headshot of Dr Martin	Parker Dixon

Martin Parker-Dixon

Headshot of Dr Anna Watson

Dr Anna Watson

Sara is smiling broadly at the camera

Dr Sara Owen

Deputy Senior Tutor

Headshot of professor Matthew Wingate

Professor Matthew Wingate

Headshot of Dr Benedict Wiedemann

Dr Benedict Wiedemann

Senior Tutor, Chaplain and Student Health Advisor

The Acting Senior Tutor for 2023-24 is Miles Stopher. He can be contacted directly on The Chaplain is Reverend Graham Stevenson, and in addition to welcoming people to Chapel services, Graham is keen to offer friendly support to all College members, regardless of faith, and to work with other pastoral care providers in College to help those facing particular difficulties.   Graham can be contacted on Our Student Health Advisor, Dee Williams provides confidential advice and information on a range of physical and psychological issues, including help with managing long-term conditions, minor illnesses and injuries.  She also offers signposting to other agencies and liaison with other health care professionals and members of the college welfare team to provide integrated care where consent is in place.

Miles is smiling at the camera. He is wearing a grey suit, maroon tie and black gown.

Miles Stopher

Acting Senior Tutor

Headshot of Revd Graham Stevenson

Graham Stevenson


Representation at Fitz

Everyone is welcome at Fitz and we are proud of our community. If you belong to a group which is underrepresented in Cambridge, you might want to reach out to one of our JCR or MCR representatives to understand more about what life is like at Fitz before you apply. You can contact the Admissions team on and they will connect you with the best person for you.