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Why do I need a college?

All postgraduate students - in addition to their departmental affiliation - must join a college community. 

How do I choose a college?

The most important piece of advice is that you should choose. While you can make an 'open' application, which will allocate you to a randomly chosen college, we would strongly recommend that you spend some time taking a look at the options, considering what kind of community you would like to join, and which facilities will be important to you. 

Take a look at a range of college websites, think about where your department will be (though be aware that Cambridge is a small city!) and see what the MCR (postgraduate) community is like. Postgraduate communities can vary in size between colleges - at Fitz we are roughly 50:50 UG/PG - and some colleges have quite limited postgraduate facilities. 

Why should I choose Fitz?

Because of course you should! Seriously though, if you like what you see on these pages, then Fitz is likely to be a great fit. We are a large, modern community, with great facilities and a beautiful site. With a good mix of PhD and Masters students, and plenty of part-time students, our 350-person strong postgraduate community is vibrant and diverse, both in terms of research interests and life away from the books or lab.

In 2019, Fitz opened a new MCR facility right in the heart of the college site. This social and work hub provides a dedicated space for postgraduates.

But how can Fitz help me?

Starting a postgraduate course can be challenging...even the application process itself can feel like an obstacle in itself. At Fitz we recognise that most students - whether already studying at Cambridge, or more likely, studying elsewhere - will need some advice during the application process, support with documentation, and a helping hand to make the most of the funding available. This is why we employ full-time administrative and tutorial support for postgraduate students, and you can access this support via from the moment you decide to apply to Fitz.

Whether you have a question for a current student about accommodation options, concerns about your visa, or need some support in finding match-funding, you can contact the postgraduate team on