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Facilities at Fitz

Your college is your home away from home during your time at Cambridge. Whether you live on the College site, or in one of the houses on the surrounding roads, the College and its facilities will be a crucial part of you daily life. 

On this page the information is split into two sections. In 'Spaces' you can explore the many facilities available on the site, for socialising, study and recreation. In 'Faces', you will meet some of the staff members and teams who support and facilitate student life at Fitz.

Apart from the dedicated JCR and MCR, all our facilities are shared by undergraduates and postgraduates.



With over 200 academics and non-academic staff members, there are lots of people in the Fitzwilliam community to support you during your time here. Your academic life will be supported by your Director of Studies or Supervisor(s), and you will also be assigned a Tutor - from a different subject area - to support you more generally. 

Alongside your teaching and pastoral tutors, dedicated support staff are ready to signpost resources and offer advice, whether the challenge is a dripping tap, a new food allergy or a missing parcel.

The Student Services Hub

Established in October 2022, the Student Services Hub brings together all our student-facing activities of Admissions, Tutorial, Student Finance and Accommodation. It provides students – both undergraduate and postgraduate – with a single point of contact to provide information, administrative support and advice. The Hub is located on L staircase. 


Far more than a collection of books or a space to work, the Library staff can provide both introductory guidance and more specialist support to accessing resources, both at Fitz and elsewhere. 


Porters are often the first place to ask for assistance, and if they can't fix it, they normally know who can. The Fitz team are friendly and approachable, and provide a 24hr point of contact, 365 days a year. Your mail will be handled by the Porters, as will issues with keys, bike registration etc. 

Accommodation, Maintenance & IT Support

Living in College accommodation means that if something goes wrong, you always have a quick route to a solution. We operate an electronic ticketing system to submit issues, so the reporting process is straightforward.